In less than 15 hours of one-to-one tuition, we can help you to correct your brain's processing difficulties that cause you to struggle to read.

The first and most important thing to know is where you are starting from. This will allow you to measure progress. Among other methods we use to determine whether or not someone is dyslexic is an easy online dyslexia test HERE, an EEG brainwave measurement while you are reading and which can be done in ten minutes at your home, a sample of your handwriting and optionally, a check of your current reading age.

how it works

The pictures below are a simplification of the process your brain uses to pass information from what your eyes see through to what your brain can decode, understand and digest, and encode. These processes equate to reading, understanding and writing.


The picture on the left shows how the communication between the relevant parts of the brain might work for someone who is Dyslexic. The information comes in through the eyes and is processed and decoded, then sent to another part of the brain for processing, assimilating and understanding. As you can see, the signal paths are incomplete, meaning that the information may be jumbled or simply never arrive.


The work we do at Literate helps Dyslexics to create new pathways for the signals to follow from one part of the brain to the other, meaning that whatever is seen through the eyes, is translated correctly. It is then decoded and processed as a complete package, so that it now makes sense. Understanding, comprehension, and retention are significantly improved as a result.

What will you get out of it?

  • comprehension
  • understanding
  • reading empowerment
  • a love of reading
  • clarity
  • self-esteem
  • solid proof that you're not stupid
  • more - a passion for reading
  • confidence
  • individual tuition
  • continuous improvement even after completion

We work with children from 10 years of age, privately in their home, or at their schools, colleges or universities.

We have found from experience that children younger than 10 are still developing the oral, emotional and mental skills required to handle the work we do. We are working towards convincing the Education Establishment to take the pressure off young Dyslexics by allowing them to learn in their own way up to the age of 11. It is then that they can learn to read easily, normally and naturally using the simple processes we have developed.


We work with Adults young through old.

The beauty of the Literate system is its simplicity and the short amount of time required to become truly independent in your reading. No matter what your age or other commitments, we have a solution for you. The oldest client to date was 74 years of age, and he said afterwards that "gaining the ability to read with ease has completely changed my life". And if you're struggling to get work because of the challenges you face in your reading and writing, that ends here.


We work with Businesses, Government Bodies, and Corporate Enterprises.

The Literate system is tailor-made for fitting in with work commitments, and can be accommodated either during work time or outside working hours. The time taken is just 15 hours spread over 3 months. There is tremeandous benefit to both employer and employee in ensuring that productivity is maintained while the program is under way. Key benefit for both is a greatly increased sense of self-esteem and confidence on the part of the dyslexic staff member.

Prisoners and Probationers

We work with Offenders in Prisons and in the Probation Services.

In the general population, around one person in every ten of us experience dyslexia in some degree. In prisons that percentage is between one in two, to two in three (50% - 67%). Poor literacy skills exclude people from most aspects of our modern social and civilised life, and particularly exclude people from accessing health services and well paid employment. We work to eliminate poor literacy as part of the reason for offending, helping all to engage fully in society.